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Check These Characteristics to Find an Excellent Essay Writer: Guide - 2022


Some people believe that good writing merely implies writing that is free of faults in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Good writing, on the other hand, is much more than just accurate writing. It shows the writer's personality and individuality while also responding to the interests and requirements of the target audience.

When it comes to essay writing we often inquire ourselves,  What is a good essay? There are many criteria for deciding this. But before that, we should understand what an “essay’ is? An essay is a brief piece of formal writing that students are assigned to develop their writing abilities or test their knowledge of a certain subject. Experience and continuous effort are frequently just as important as talent when it comes to writing a good essay.

Anyone can write but that does not make him a good writer. If you want to start your writing expedition and ever wonder whether you possess the skills of a good writer or not then just stick to this blog from start to end and we will help you learn how to make your writing from ordinary to exceptional! A good essay writer must possess the following traits:

Love of writing:

A good writer must be passionate about his job. He should always crave a good piece of writing. The world's finest authors are lifelong students of the craft. They recognize that writing is an art that can never be entirely mastered. They recognize that no one is perfect and that there is always an opportunity for growth. They attend classes, listen to lectures, and study books about writing and writing styles regularly. Love of writing also means having an excellent vocabulary and understanding the meaning of words.



Being more creative allows us to come up with new concepts for our material. An essay becomes more attractive and intelligent when it comes from a creative mind. A creative writer thinks how do I write my essay to make it more engaging? He will incorporate such words in essays that deliver their ideas in the best possible way.

If a writer lacks creativity, what and how can he or she write? Even a nonfiction author requires creativity to make his or her work comprehensible.


Continuous reading is the characteristic of outstanding authors. Every day they read something to not only expand their knowledge but also understand other writers' writing styles. They examine how other writers begin and conclude their essays and how they structure the main body of their essays. Most good writers are natural critics, particularly when it comes to their own work. They are always considering things from the perspective of their readers.          


Another most important characteristic of a good essay writer must be patient with their writing. They understand that finishing a manuscript is a superior ambition. It will be difficult to write. There will be days when you don't have anything new to say about your writing. Or days when you realize the end is a long way off and the only thing standing in your way is white space. Continue to write! Take each sentence one at a time; perseverance will pay off!

We may encounter rejections when we try to submit our work but we must never lose motivation. All great authors have suffered rejections, but their perseverance in pursuing their goals has helped them become who they are today.

Clarity of ideas:

Everything makes sense with effective writing, and readers aren't baffled or forced to reread portions to figure out what's going on. By possessing this trait a writer uses simple language in his writing that is easily understood by the readers. A skilled writer makes sure that writing stays on track with the storyline or primary concept without going off on too many tangents. There should be uniformity in writing and all the sentences in paragraphs must flow logically and smoothly. 

 Attention to detail:

This trait allows them to see even the slightest grammatical error during a read-through, and it also lends a distinct taste to their writing. Because of this ability, the writer can describe every concept in an essay without leaving behind any minute detail. Your reader will get more engaged in your characters and plot if they can see what you're attempting to say in depth. When a reader finds a mistake in any publication by a well-known author, it tarnishes that author's professional reputation. To ensure that the written material must be error-free, proofread and revise thoroughly. You can also take the help of an essay writing service to proofread for you


A good writer must work on maintaining discipline. This characteristic is important because no matter how little the task, authors are devoted to re-evaluating their work frequently. They have set out a specific time each day for their writing. They don't modify their writing schedule no matter what and stick to their timetable religiously. They write it on a daily basis. A disciplined writer tends to be more successful as compared to a non-disciplined one.

Strives for perfection:

When we say that good writers aspire for perfection, we imply that they are never satisfied with their work. They continue to fine-tune it, seeking better phrases and expressions to employ in each sentence. We attain excellence when we strive toward perfection. Perfection doesn't come in a day, it may take days, weeks, or months. Writers are not rewarded or commended for completing first; instead, they are rewarded or praised for write my essay effectively.



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