213 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ro e459366c46 working out page routing 6 days ago
  Ro 3617565210 new scaffolding set up 3 months ago
  Ro 67a47355d2 added basic routing and page rendering 3 months ago
  Ro 05ff48a51c begin transition to php environment for rebuild 3 months ago
  Ro 125256838c clean up to move nodejs-archive-branch 3 months ago
  Ro 31feb32f96 grapped patch from beta release for broken archive links 4 months ago
  Ro 1d7f4a20f7 updated version number, format fix for file 5 months ago
  Ro ca481d2b91 added notification for adding images in post editor, added animation to working icon 5 months ago
  Ro fdde954822 fixed marking index as feature bug 5 months ago
  Ro 1130bcabdb pages re-indexing up and running, added button to settings under MAINTENANCE tab 5 months ago
  Ro 7df3d22a29 color tweaks, fixed settings header cutting of action buttons isssue, updated monospace font list 5 months ago
  Ro 2788e64e3b converted stylus files to sass, removed stylus dependencies 5 months ago
  Ro 16486d771f re-added nodemon to dev and debug scripts 5 months ago
  Ro a407eeb9be just tidying up a bit 5 months ago
  Ro 92a5169949 fix for saving uploaded image url in pages, type tweak for dashboard 6 months ago
  Ro 62b9744040 state error with notifications fix 6 months ago
  Ro dd70fa1348 fix for notification animation bug 6 months ago
  Ro 04f77806ac notifications position fix, bumped version number 6 months ago
  Ro d9d004468a opn graph meta edits, log out made public, improved notifications 6 months ago
  Ro 812be36edb bumped version number 6 months ago
  Ro ba92cf5f61 fixed bug that was saving setting feature background url incorrectly 6 months ago
  Ro d404925bcf aligned with latest beta release 6 months ago
  Ro ad1ff0e44a patched view fixes from beta-branch 6 months ago
  Ro c91166a1aa minor touchups 6 months ago
  Ro 126361fca8 updated init with empty config fix, added site restore by verifying backup file 6 months ago
  Ro efb20eeeb3 fixed git ignore remant blocking new api path 6 months ago
  Ro 96e7fddcdf git ignore update 6 months ago
  Ro 11b93e3451 back up method restores public blog images, site settings and markdown pages 6 months ago
  Ro 1fa21322fb cleaned up backups on front end and backend 6 months ago
  Ro 682bc32a46 added back up functionality and ability to download latest back up, latest backup displayed in settings 6 months ago
  Ro c90797433d package json clean up 7 months ago
  Ro fd97aca57a updated version number 7 months ago
  Ro ef6add4be0 added nodemon to dev dependecies so it doesnt have to installed globally 7 months ago
  Ro 287b227d2c added pm2 to dependancy list so it does not need to be installed globally 7 months ago
  Ro f32a2ab9bb site port now configurable, removed kit from frame, fixed nav sort 7 months ago
  Ro f6b0207c3d got damn line breaks 7 months ago
  Ro fcc9738696 fixed readme links 7 months ago
  Are0h 2ba21b0b2e updated readme to fix links 7 months ago
  Ro 2bdaf70088 added basic reindexing method for dates to Utils 7 months ago
  Ro 45e2a7f891 imported index template edit from beta branch 7 months ago
  Ro ffb7fca50a added line breaks to readme 7 months ago
  Are0h 24aaffa13e Update 'README.md' 7 months ago
  Ro df246db551 more readme edits 7 months ago
  Ro ff76cfbf31 added docs links readme 7 months ago
  Are0h b970974ab9 Update 'README.md' 7 months ago
  Ro e386322f7e imported tag rendering fix from beta release branch 7 months ago
  Ro b6f89e22b8 do not add index to recent pages list 7 months ago
  Ro cff38d338f merged tag render fix from beta branch 7 months ago
  Ro ad09a61ab7 added directory check to init when making index md file 7 months ago
  Ro 575fea388b tweaked init form style, redirects to login when set up complete 7 months ago