289 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ro 0ec49de8ab admin api commenting tweak 1 week ago
  Ro 83b4aff716 added admin API method for getting site and member info 1 week ago
  Ro 13c9d05019 tweaks for API classes, filled out commenting for docs, added jsdoc config 3 weeks ago
  Ro 1f1c611afe fixed token check, fixed empty image page post 4 weeks ago
  Ro ab40219d9b added key check to use AdminAPI, updated front end classes 1 month ago
  Ro 2785ef6982 updated AdminAPI for remote use, removed UtilityAPI from public library (methods should only be local) 1 month ago
  Ro b9056b64df more commenting for API classess, edited constructor for Admin and Util, updated backend API, added jsdoc 1 month ago
  Ro ebdda2c089 updated front end controller scripts 1 month ago
  Ro e40e566302 edited and commented Admin API, removed DataEvents class 1 month ago
  Ro f7e3b3b55e edited and commented methods for Utility API, removed DataEvents class 1 month ago
  Ro 8101b16cf9 edited method names for Content and Utility API, updated base class 1 month ago
  Ro 45fd8be25f reorganized API methods into new files 1 month ago
  Ro 2d84ec9e33 added featured and menu options for page API, cleaned up API json return 1 month ago
  Ro 24242d4bf0 updated API request URLs to use keys 1 month ago
  Ro 8417e692d7 removed pagination from Pages API request, added API request for tags 1 month ago
  Ro 65def75433 added api key to settings UI 1 month ago
  Ro 3df2720009 added CORS handling, added external API access toggle to settings UI and updated front end script 1 month ago
  Ro 2f1f6678b7 changed fipamo logo name to avoid confusion with imported theme logo 1 month ago
  Ro a542b2d884 removed data events from fipamo api, added content api methods, cleaned up front end js 1 month ago
  Ro 6cd28c06c0 version update 2 months ago
  Ro b7aafed112 quick fix for composer settings file 2 months ago
  Ro 20fc9c64a1 ui overall part 4: responsive touch up 2 months ago
  Ro 0765ea4555 ui overall part 3: settings, site menu editor 2 months ago
  Ro 033fe5e48b ui overall part 2: dash index, pages index 2 months ago
  Ro 8e3d359486 ui overall part 1: login, init, pass reset forms 2 months ago
  Ro b51d63633f expanded composer json 2 months ago
  Ro 8f1e3a55e7 #44 password recovery plugged in 2 months ago
  Ro 9462b91246 added phpmailer to dependencies for mail services(smtp, mailgun), update js Mailer class 2 months ago
  Ro bedb6fdfe5 added email template, mail api and mail utility class, tweak to Mailer.js 3 months ago
  Ro 89f84499b2 make page feature image meta image 3 months ago
  Ro 1f46eeffa0 full image url for meta image, fixed minor page template error 3 months ago
  Ro 7002ba8014 ignore button clicks when processing requests 3 months ago
  Ro 08d034a8d1 fixed meta images in header for default theme 3 months ago
  Ro dd0e5ce1ee updated base theme script 3 months ago
  Ro c89fe5be30 removed redundant restore button, WIP’d mail button, move theme assets on render 3 months ago
  Ro 4d44ea2a06 added base style and script assets for dash 3 months ago
  Ro 95aecde73b quick patch to render class for dynamic theme rendering 3 months ago
  Ro f3dfd3411a added meta data to page template 3 months ago
  Ro 06787aac30 moved site restore to utility class, updated set up script, fixed minor error in front end api restore request 3 months ago
  Ro b8cf4e403a fixed a typo in the README 3 months ago
  Ro 53fd1a47c5 fixed minor error when updating avi in settings 3 months ago
  Ro c6f7c56f4a Activated site back up via zip and added download link in settings 3 months ago
  Ro 9afec7554c activated site restore from zip, fixed imgs to rendering src 3 months ago
  Ro b98707bb0d install site activated, fixed large image upload issue(php setting), fixed page indexing 3 months ago
  Ro ba38e32dd5 fix for code tag being sanitized on html render 3 months ago
  Ro b09e1c7164 pages rendering to html 3 months ago
  Ro 444189e527 created new App class to start up app and move off of index 3 months ago
  Ro 9283a7f5b3 tag html rendering implemented 3 months ago
  Ro c78772e2c0 added Sorting class to handle organizing tags and archives organizing for page rendering. added empty Render class for rendering 3 months ago
  Ro 39809a60ec added navigation editor template and methods, moved markdown converstion to DocTools class 3 months ago