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Getting Started

For starters, Fipamo requires NodeJS (anything greater than 10.16.3 is cool). You’re probably going to need update the verions that is installed.

Fipamo can be used on the server or your local desktop so once you have that installed, the only dependancy left is the mighty PM2 which used to keep the site alive. You can install that easily from the command line by running npm install pm2 -g.

If you are a lovely soul that wants to contribute to Fipamo, you’re going to need Nodemon on your local environment. You can grab that as well using npm install nodemon -g.

Nodemon added to local dependancy for develop branch. PM2 added to local dependancy for beta-release branch.

You don’t need git to use Fipamo, but it would make updating a lot easier. Every release will be released as a downloadable zip as well, so it’s up to you.

All Good? On to installing Fipamo